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What’s at the Heart of Conscious Confidence?

  • Stillness
  • Presence
  • Self-Knowledge

Everything You Need!

What does ‘Conscious’ mean?

  • Awake
  • Attentive
  • Mindful

Why Conscious Confidence?

Learn about the power of being conscious, alert and aware, and how that is the essential foundation to your lasting confidence and limitless potential. Find out how by joining me on the next Dr. Pat Show along with my guest coach Sarah Mane.

Conscious Confidence addresses issues of stress, distraction, fear and disempowerment. It promotes positive patience, peace, space and creativity. Joy, ease and freedom are our birthright and Conscious Confidence helps you discover and uncover these in yourself right here and right now.

What is it like to have Conscious Confidence?

It is to be awake and aware
It is deep, strong and true
Connected and in touch
Having faith in oneself
Free of doubt


Conscious Confidence™ is timeless, and it is completely new. It is unique, and it is also available to everyone who wants it. It is a powerful, effective, easy way to real transformation..


The Conscious Confidence Program™ takes a unique approach to self-actualising human potential and fulfillment. It works directly with the consciousness – awareness and attention – available to everyone. No special equipment is needed!


Consciousness is the only dynamic, creative, natural and transformative energy that results in genuine change and transformation. It is the key to uncovering and discovering your real power and potential. This evolution of consciousness is limitless. It is not only beneficial personally but also of untold benefit to humanity.


Conscious Confidence™ is the foundation that opens the door to the depth, power and the beauty of the real you.

The Conscious Confidence Program™

is for those who are seeking genuine change, it is for those who want to unlock their limitless potential; it is for women and men seeking to make a real difference in their lives, and the lives of others; it is for women who have found their strength and purpose but want to go deeper and for men who want to find what’s at the heart of their lives.

The business leader, who feels the need to examine and rejuvenate the culture and ethos of her organisation.  The corporate executive who knows that her vision sets the standard for all those who work under her.  These are the leaders who can benefit from access to the deep well-springs of consciousness and a simple practical program for applying their focus, energy and drive into fruitful and expanding areas of their lives.

What’s your passion, purpose and talent? What are your real motivators?  These questions are at the heart of living a life of fulfillment, meaning and joy.

Get Started!

The Heart and Energy of Conscious Confidence

The heart of Conscious Confidence is your Core Values and Attitude. Core Values are the unchanging principles which define who you are. Your Attitude is the first expression of your values.

The Heart and Energy of Conscious Confidence


The Conscious Confidence ProgramTM  is based on the determined cultivation of a positive attitude through awareness. This creates a powerful alignment of Values and Attitude, which flows into the Four-Fold Energy of Conscious Confidence.

Harnessing the Four-Fold Energy of ‘Confidence’ 

Focusing: decisive, courageous, steady

Uniting: compassionate, loving, supportive

Simplifying: straight, true, pure

Energising: dynamic, creative, enthusiastic

Fear Shadow & Unconscious Confidence


Stepping Free and Harnessing Your Power!

Start living your ideal life by stepping free of The Fear Shadow.

F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real

What encloses you within the fear barrier and stops you from living your ideal life?

Don’t let the fear barrier, missed opportunities and doubts stop you from living a fulfilling life with Conscious Confidence.

UNconscious’ Confidence

The barriers to effective and evolving leadership

Reckless confidence

Brash confidence

Baseless confidence

Tentative confidence

Choice & Change


Making the Choice and Embracing Change!

When opportunity knocks, what do you want to do? What are you going to do? It’s time to choose. It’s time to wake up and get out of B.E.D. (blame, excuses and denial). Time to choose O.A.R.  (ownership, accountability, responsibility).

Seven Steps to Transformation


Learn the Seven Steps to Transformation and understand what to do to enthusiastically embrace change and seize the moment.

The Seven Steps to Transformation begin with inspiration and the enthusiasm to change and to take the necessary action.

When you are inspired by some great purpose… and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world…you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras. Dates uncertain, between 2nd – 4th Century AD

Practical Program


Lighting the F.U.S.E – The Flowering of Conscious Confidence

Core Values and Positive Attitude

  • What is a value?
  • What are your core values?
  • How do you implement your core values?
  • What is meant by attitude?
  • Power of positive attitude
  • Reality check on personal and organisational attitude

Having discovered our Core Values and having developed a Positive Attitude, we light the F.U.S.E. by

Focusing: Giving undistracted attention

Uniting: Embracing all situations with patience, understanding and an open heart

Simplifying: Staying with the essentials and letting go of the non-essentials

Energising: Living each day with enthusiasm, creativity and vitality


Conscious Confidence – A Timeless Wisdom comes directly from Sanskrit, Panini (4th century BC Sanskrit scholar and sage), Vasishta (revered Vedic sage), and the ancient wisdom held within these traditions. Ancient wisdom is source knowledge; it has all its meaning and power intact, it remains pure and undiluted despite centuries of opinion and interpretation. Ancient source wisdom remains totally relevant now; it transcends time. It is truly timeless wisdom.

Sanskrit is the language of the universe. It has remained unchanged over the millennia. Being unchanged does not mean it is a ‘dead’ language. It means it is whole and complete, thus retaining its concentration and potency.

Sarah has taken the deeper levels of meaning revealed through the study of Sanskrit for key concepts e.g. confidence, values, attitude etc, and formulated them into a powerful yet easily applicable program.

It is from this timeless source of universal wisdom that Conscious Confidence arises.

The world today is beset by constant change, confusion and uncertainty. The shadow of fear hangs low. Traditions which in the past provided consistency, certainty and confidence to society and humanity are running out of energy and momentum; their relevance is under constant question. While this results in greater individual freedom than ever before, there is also greater uncertainty and lack of confidence. Therefore, we increasingly seek answers in the external world.  For example, people look to science and psychology as the source of external evidence-based certainty, to explain everything and solve every problem. However, people are beginning to realize that there are some mysteries which remain beyond the power of these disciplines to solve. We have to look elsewhere, something more is needed.


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